Instructions for Presenters and Chairpersons

A computer with Microsoft Powerpoint and Adobe Reader will be available at all technical sessions, so that presenters can use their previously prepared .ppt or .pdf files.
Presenters are warmly encouraged to use the Powerpoint presentation template downloadable at this link. The use of the template is not mandatory.

Oral Presentations

Each presenter should follow these instructions:

  • Presentation must be uploaded in the computer located in the room of your session at least 10 minutes before the beginning of the session.

  • Presenters have to verify with the technical staff that the presentation file works correctly and complies with the required format (.ppt or .pdf).

  • 10 minutes before session start, presenters have to provide the chairperson a very short bio (max 3 lines) for introduction.

  • Presentation must last no more than 12 minutes plus 3 minutes for questions. Presenters are asked to strictly comply with time requirements.

Instructions for Chairpersons

Each chairperson should follow these instructions:

  • Reach the room 15 minutes before the start of the session and inform the staff of your role.
  • Ask presenters a short bio (max 3 lines) to present them during the session.
  • Verify that all presentations of your session are available on the computer.
  • Manage the time of each presentation so that it lasts no more than 15 minutes (questions included).
  • The total time of the session must be respected to avoid overlapping with other sessions/conference events.
  • Don’t forget to inform the audience when the presentation is given by a young researcher who attends the competition for the Best Young Presentation. These presentations are marked with “*” in the program.
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